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A state of hibernation

When walking in the snow today, I thought how we have been living in a collective state of hibernation, just as nature now. The world keeps turning fast, yet for many months we have been living in isolation and off of our reserves. If we are lucky, we have a home filled with loved ones to keep us warm.

To feed ourselves we are forced to value simplicity over extravagance. It’s the time to take it easy, be kind to ourselves, choose what we give energy to and look for resources with the highest return. We are also invited to find an essence that nurtures from within, feel our way through our own layers of snow. Although the need for real human connection is high, joy can be found when moving through the snow and preparing for spring. Very often it’s right there, just in front of you…

And that’s the beauty of (our) nature: we might be hibernating, but spring will come, it always does!


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