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Off the main road

Every morning after dropping the kids off at school, I literally and figuratively get off the main road and park at an entrance of the forest. From then on and for a good half an hour, it’s just me, my dog and nature with all its creatures. During that time, I get out of my head and “ground” in the here and now, to say it with a trendy word. (read on)

Everything around me reminds me of how small I am, not insignificant but simply part of a much bigger picture. Perspective. The further I walk, the more details of daily life fade away, and a few questions automatically arise: How am I feeling? What’s important today? What is my ego asking of me versus how can I add real value? When I arrive back at the main road, I see more clearly what the day will bring, what I need to (do to) make it count.

This is a very simple yet healthy practice I stick to. I’m curious, do you have such practices or routines as well?


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